I feel like an adult.

I’m more than halfway through my 25th year, or quarter-century. I’ve been on my own since I was 18—and, technically, since I was working at 13 and paying for my own braces, my sister’s swimming lessons & eventually my own car insurance—I’ve been an adult for awhile now. After I moved off-campus before my junior year at Point Park University, I really started to feel like an adult. I was working 2-4 jobs at a time, taking 18 credits and paying my way through college, plus paying all of my own bills. Some “adults” have all of these bills taken care of for them while in college, and some don’t. I happened to be in the second category, and that’s fine. But, I will say, I’ve been an adult for a better portion of my entire life; however, it hasn’t been until the last few weeks that I’ve really felt like an adult.

What do I mean by feeling like an adult?

I’m talking about a settled feeling. I’m finally working at a place that is a good fit for me and matches my career path and goals. That’s a big one. I’m finally living in an apartment I love—and it’s organized! Cleaning out my closets and the spare bedroom/storage room was a big breakthrough for me, too. But, things are finally settling in place. The puzzle pieces are finally piecing together.

I feel like an adult in a good way. Before, it was always seen in a negative connotation. Being an adult was seen as paying bills, balancing work and life and racking up the student loan debt. Don’t get me wrong – Being an adult is still all of those things! But now, I am finally relishing in the good parts about being an adult. I’m enjoying the comfort of knowing I’m with the man I love, and will be with him for the rest of my life. I love the ability to go to bed at 8PM or 2AM, depending on my mood. I’m enjoying my daily commute to work and back, the steady routine of it all and my two cups of coffee with hazelnut creamer in the morning. I spent my entire weekend cleaning, grocery shopping, organizing, watching movies onDemand with my live-in boyfriend and working on freelance projects. I feel so encouraged and prepared for the week when my apartment is clean, my fridge and pantry are both full and I have spent some quality time with my boyfriend.

Yes, my younger college-aged self would be bored to tears hearing this weekend itinerary. But like I said, even back then I was doing most of the same thing. But, this time…It’s different.

I feel like the adult I always knew I’d become if I worked hard enough. I’ve worked plenty hard enough—And now it’s finally paying off!

What makes you feel like an adult the most?


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